Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Tonight, I spent time going through all our pictures....from the days before we were "technically" dating until now. If you understand how much I love and treasure pictures, then you understand what a hard task this has been! I'm getting all these pictures together for our rehearsal dinner. But, I have to keep in mind that people don't want to see 50 pictures of me and John! When I flip through the photos, I smile, laugh and tear-up. What memories we have made over the past 2 years. There is no one I would rather spend the next 70 years with.. yes, 70. I hope we get 70 plus incredible, God-blessed years together!

This is the first picture John and I ever took. It's at an Alabama football game...when we were "just friends."

This is a picture taken at my grandmother's house. Hugging John never gets old! :)

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