Friday, February 13, 2009

My Sweet Valentine

I just got back into my office after a doctor's appointment...and look what I found! My sweet John sent the most beautiful red roses! They are gorgeous --- not sure what the pink ones are, but they sure help highlight the red roses. I'm a girl that never gets tired of flowers! I love them, and I save them all! Thank you, John! So glad we're spending Valentine's Day together.

But on another thought, there are so many who really don't enjoy this lovey-dovey holiday. I can understand. But just know -- there is one who loves you more than any person can. God sends his love to you everyday! His love is unconditional, never-ending, without fail, soars far beyond our understanding or imagination and is the only love that can transform any life! To all my friends and family --- God loves you today! Never forget that!

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