Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Casual Sunday Afternoon... with Braxton

This past weekend was all about Braxton! We kept him Sunday while his parents went to Atlanta for a day trip. We went to church, ate at Ria's (a pizza place) and then spent about 3 hours swimming! In the midst of running his spark scooter into the pool, blasting a nerve rocket into his eye and figuring out why his face was burning when he "used his goggles under water..." we still had a GREAT FUN DAY! Don't worry Katie and David -- he wants you guys to go to Atlanta more often. :)

The best part was Braxton entertaining us on the way home from church. Broadway is calling his name.. Heaven help us! And his parents! (Click the link. Someone needs to teach me how to embed video. Sorry!)

Obviously chocolate pudding makes a great dipping sauce for pizza...

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The Hagood's said...

Oh My!! This is David's son!! HAHA I love this video and it is so "Braxton"! He loves yall so much!!