Monday, August 31, 2009

Stitches and Sickness

John and I really try to have nice, relaxing, enjoyable weekends. We try very hard to ditch the schedules and chaos a week can bring and just enjoy a simple life. This weekend was far from simple though. Going into the weekend, John was sick but started to feel much better by Friday afternoon. Good thing - because we had my cousins coming to visit us. Saturday morning and afternoon was wonderful. Whitney and I spent the whole day at the pool with the girls while John rested and continued to get better. But then things started crumbling at 5:30pm Saturday. I sliced - yes, sliced- my finger with a chef's knife while trying to make dinners for the week ahead. After an hour of non-stop bleeding (sorry to gross people!) and pain, John decided I might need stitches. Ohhh just the sound of that word sent me into panics. After about 6 hours in the ER, we finally left. Liquid stitches and all. But thanks to all those germies in the ER, John is back sick. Stitches and sickness- what a weekend. Enjoy the pictures we took during the "simple" part of our weekend!

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