Monday, March 22, 2010

Burned in a Minute!

While trying to make this new "Men Like It Casserole" (thank you, Jodie!):
I successfully got through the first three layering steps:
Then I think, "Oh - I need to make sure Whitney got home from Savannah ok." Pick up the phone for a quick second phone call.
Quick second turns into our rants about the soon-to-be passed Healthcare Bill. And then I remembered the rolls.
Which are now burnt rolls.

Thank you Democrats and Healthcare for not only burning me but my yummy crescent rolls.


Kelly and Mark said...

2 things: (1) I have that same telephone. (2) The House vote on healthcare last night kept me awake-Thanks Dems for making Monday even worse from lack of sleep & for burning Laurens rolls! That is all. :P

Margie Walters said...

i swear! Darn health care bill! It made me stay up late last night too! I hate it burned your supper... :)

Lauren and John said...

Kelly - I LOVE this phone! If I'm at home, I will not talk on my cell phone. I still LOVE a house phone! And secondly, I'm ready for YOU to start on your political future. :)

Margie - I try to multi-task. It never works. Not sure how I didn't smell it burning! :) I probably need to hurry up and get everything done medically I can think of before I'm not able to make an appointment b/c my doctor now has 1,000 extra patients. :)