Monday, March 29, 2010

Nevertheless, I love you

This is the truck John refers to as the "new truck." It's not new, but it's newer than his beloved treasure, the 1986 red truck (not pictured.) However, it now has a new name in my book: the NEEDY truck.

Since we married last April, this truck has cost us some BIG BUCKS in the repair shop. And that's just since we've been married. In February, it went in for one problem and came out with a total different issue-- thus resulting in another 4-day stay in the repair shop with, again, A HUGE BILL to pay. Poor John received my strong words concerning this special truck for several days as it sat in the shop and the bill continued to get higher and higher. Then God spoke - clearly spoke straight to my heart. It happened through the phone conversation I was having with John when he had just learned of the total bill cost. It went like this:

John: The shop just called.
Me: So are they done yet?
John: Yes, we can pick it up today.
Me: And how much is it going to cost.
John: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Me: {moment of silence} Well that certainly makes my case against this truck that much better.
John: Oh, I know. Trust me. You know - it makes me so mad. I've done everything for that truck. I've changed the oil exactly when it needs. I've had the brake pads replaced and tires rotated on time - everytime. I've taken it into the shop as soon as something goes wrong. I've taken good care of it inside and out. AND THIS IS WHAT I GET??

That's when God spoke straight to me.

GOD: That's how I feel sometimes. I answer your prayers. I supply your daily needs. I take care of you --- and this is what I get? ....... But nevertheless, I love you.