Friday, April 2, 2010

We ate the cake ... Early!

This time last year, we were runnning around Birmingham picking up last minute things for the honeymoon. We went to two malls picking up our parents gifts and to Ann Taylor Loft to get tank tops I wanted for Hawaii. It was a great way to distract from the nervousness. But it wasn't a bad nervousness. It was an anxious, antcipation-type nervousness. I feel that feeling right now just thinking about it. I'm going to write another anniversary post, but for right now it's --- WE ATE THE CAKE EARLY! And man, it was good!
We won't be here on our actual anniversary day, and we are not traveling with our cakes. So we ate early! I have to say for one year old cakes, they were really good! John's was better than mine, but his was chocolate; of course it would be! (I highly recommended Olexa's cakes!)

I smiled for this picture, but it's actually a little sad. Time flies so fast. You really don't realize it until you hit a mark like this. This time last year I couldn't WAIT to see how the grand cakes turned out. (See below pictures. Turned out pretty awesome, but that's Diane Olexa for ya!)

Last night it was fun to unwrap the cakes and get the last tatse before they were dumped. For some reason, John didn't think it would be a good idea to refreeze them and try for a 2nd anniversary tasting.

Wow. A whole post just on our cakes. I am obsessed with our wedding day, partly because I'm a sentimentalist. And I praise God for giving me one TO BE obsessed with. Glory to only Him.


Margie Walters said...

I love it! Happy Anniversary! You need to do a "what I've learned" list. I love to see others' thoughts! :)

The Hagood's said...

How cute ! It seems like your wedding was just a few months ago, not a year ago! ....but... WOW, I was eating our cake with a 7 day old baby that is now almost 6 years old! Talking about time zooming!! Hope that you and John had a wonderful time at the beach!

Laci said...

Happy one year anniversary!!!! That is so awesome!