Friday, June 25, 2010

Bringing Back the Flower Girl ....

What is it about little girls and weddings? Most love them! And this BIG GIRL loves them too! So you can imagine how much I loved it when Katelyn and Owen were at the house recently, and Katelyn had a great idea of taking some of the leftover flowers from Whitney's wedding and playing "wedding!" It went a little something like this ....

Lauren: "OH YAY! I would love to play wedding."
Katelyn: "Ok, well you have to be the bride."
Lauren: "You don't want to be the bride? Who are you going to be?"
Katelyn: "I'm going to be the FLOWER GIRL!" (As she jumped up and down with excitement.)
Lauren: "Well, do I have a groom?"
Katelyn: "Sure - that's Owen's job."

Sweet Owen played "groom" as long as he could. When I wanted a picture of them together, he was tired of playing wedding, and simply asked for his dump truck. Kids - I love them!

Yes, even after one year of John and I marrying, she still wants to be the flower girl. Just precious.

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