Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. William Lehmann: The Rehearsal

Well, they are married. She is now Mrs. William Lehmann. My sissy is married! It's still so odd saying that, but absolutely nothing was odd about their wedding. It was complete perfectness, in my world. I'm pretty sure Whitney would say the same thing too. She was gorgeous, and Will was ever-so handsome in his uniform. The day was incredibly smooth and fun. Simply wonderful!

So let's get to my favorite part - the pictures! Here are a few of the rehearsal night. Mr. and Mrs. William Lehmann: The Wedding will be posted next.

Whit with her gift-ribbon bouquet that I made...with her help. I had never made one before. It was fun!

They gave each other their wedding gifts that night.

Will wanted a Kindle and got one...

and Whitney wanted the sentimental gift, a pearl bracelet. Very pretty!

Whitney's now brother-in-law, Rick. He's a handsome boy too!

The updated family picture. Dad's not alone anymore. He's now got some man support. He's very grateful.

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