Friday, September 10, 2010

Life Lately

Yet another month has passed since the last post. Ridiculous.

So here's what's happened over the past month...

Baby Samuel Dean was born! Although he is now 3 weeks old and doesn't look much like this anymore....

he is absolutely precious. What a great baby he is! Leah had a smooth delivery --- prayers were answered!

Then we kicked off Crave University with our students at Frazer. We had some cheerleaders and dancers in their outfits, banners were made and university music blaring to kick off the new format. Instead of Sunday school, they have 'Crave U' where the kids get to decide what classes they want to take. Pretty cool!

And then we took about 50 of our students to En Fuego. En Fuego: hot, outdoor Christian Woodstock. Seriously, it wasn't that bad. Especially when you get to sit under a tent all day and crack-up the people you work with!

Chair bags. Good for covering chairs...and makes for a convenient phone booth.

And this is what most students' feet looked like before we got on the bus...


This has certainly NOT been everything we've been up to. Just ones I actually have pictures of. We've got a few weddings coming up, and tonight, we're going to see Whitney in a play. Oh yeah, the actress of the family is having a local debut.

Until the next time ... and hopefully before October gets here.

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TJ and Amy Garrigan said...

Hey girl! I hope you and John are doing well. I see that you have been pretty busy lately! I wanted to ask you about Christmas Decorations at the church...I am on the committee responsible for the decorating. Our Committee Head said last year we got a lot of help from Sunday School classes...are you and John still a member of Devoted Duos? If so would you see if the class would be interested in helping as either a social event or a class project? Thanks girl and I hope to see you around sometime soon. Sorry to contact you this way but I think I'm the last person on earth that doesn't have a facebook page. ha!
Amy Garrigan