Thursday, September 24, 2009

An Older Talent

We all have different talents and gifts from God. Some of us (me!) love children. I love listening to them, teaching them and just plain ole' loving on them! John's precious talent runs shall we say .... a little older.

Meet Ms. Alabama Nursing Home 2009! Now, this is how John shows love! He genuinely loves our seniors. Maybe this is why my grandmother loves John so much. He just has a unique way of understanding them, making them feel so special and loved. So last night at his association's DinnerDance (and yes, to John, it's one word), John took this beauty queen out on the dance floor!

She had the best time! Whatever your talent, gift or passion is, use it for God's glory! You never know how He'll use you. Live life to the fullest for Him!

"I [Jesus!] have come that they may have life and have it to the full." John 10:10


Robyn said...

You both have WONDERFUL gifts and you both do use them for God's glory!!! Your husband's such a sweetheart for making her day . . . I hope some young, handsome man will want to twirl me around the dance floor someday when I'm older (even though I've made Vernon promise to NEVER leave me!)

Keeping Up With The Joneses said...

I love John Morgan! He is so awesome! so are you!! Great, beautiful picture of you two....can't wait to see your kids!! haha....I know one day. love you lb.