Monday, December 28, 2009

A Marry Christmas (Updated)

Our first Christmas as a married couple was truly wonderful! We were able to spend time with both families and see all grandparents. Lots of great food, laughs and pictures.

We started with Christmas Eve at John's parents' house in White Plains (north of Anniston). John's mom, Elaine, had everything looking so beautiful and smelling SO GOOD when we arrived.

While we were dating, John and I went our separate ways for the holidays. So, this was our first Christmas Eve dinner together! And it was some mighty good food! It was fun having John's parents, sister, aunts, uncles, cousin and grandparents all there.

John wears his Santa hat every year and is responsible for handing out the gifts. That part I loved! Then, we got up Christmas morning, opened more gifts with his parents (yay, I got three magazine subscriptions!) and ate breakfast. Truly a great Christmas Eve/Morning!

Then we headed to Gardendale. Did a Christmas Day lunch with my parents and sister. Opened gifts. Then walked next door to see PawPaw and Jean. Opened gifts. Then hurried home, changed clothes and drove about 5 minutes to MawMaw's house where my mom's side of the family did a Christmas Day Dinner. And yes again ... opened more gifts!

All the grandkids with MawMaw.

Our cousins opening gifts. They got a Wii for Christmas - what more do they need?!

We truly hope you had a wonderful Christmas too. We were so thankful that both our families live within driving distance, and we were able to see everyone. If only all the joy of Christmas and giving hearts would last all year long ...

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