Thursday, January 7, 2010


Happy belated New Year everyone! I'm really liking 2010. I just like saying 20-10. It's so easily rolls off the tongue, and it just sounds like it's going to be a great year. Let's hope it's a GRAND year. A BLESSED year.

Not one for new year resolutions, here are my goals or things I'm looking forward to in 2010:
(1) Spending more and more time with God in His Word
(2) Thus becoming a wiser wife and friend
(3) Not saying "YES" to everything thus keeping our calendar manageable
(4)Having our friends in our home to eat dinner more often *more on this later*
(5)Saving enough money for us to go to Israel in 2011
And there are plenty more, I'm sure. But those are at the top. John hasn't decided (or at least told me yet) what he's focusing on this year. I'm sure one will be to do his P90x program consistently.

Back to the #4 on the list. We are really going to be dedicated to this one. First, we love being with our friends. Second, we love eating at home. Third, you can actually talk better and visit more when you aren't distracted by other people, servers, waiters, etc. Fourth, this will be a HUGE money saver. And lastly ... this will so help with my cookin' skills. A few nights ago, the Mercer family came for beef tips and rice. YUM! Lori brought a SUPER DELICIOUS dessert, and all my points above were proven; we had so much FUN!

2009 was wonderful. Lots of big events happened. But here's to 2010- May God use it for even bigger things.

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