Monday, December 7, 2009

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Even our Christmas tree is a compromise! John wanted colored lights and I wanted white. John wanted a tree from a Christmas tree farm. I thought a Home Depot tree would be just fine. So he got the tree from the farm and I get the white lights! Sounds like a good deal to me!

Here's our trip to Wadsworth Christmas Tree Farm. Such nice people with a huge selection!

That's the one we chose! Amazing how different a tree looks once you get it home and decorated ... No pictures of that yet. Happy Monday everyone!


Robyn said...

Oh, how fun!!! Can't wait to see it all decorated and beautiful!

Lindsay said...

That is the same Christmas Tree farm that we always went to growing up. I have very fond memories of that time. But, I have to say I do love my "Hobby Lobby" tree and of course the white lights. Can't wait to see it all decorated.