Sunday, April 4, 2010

Year One: Part 2

After we returned from glorious Hawaii,

life happened. And we have learned a lot about each other ... that perhaps we didn't realize before.

Things Lauren now knows about John:
-It really does matter how his pants are hung after coming out of the dryer
-He really hates shoes all over the house
-He doesn't like his bathroom products moved around (in my defense: I hate messy counter tops!)
-Him and I taking a Saturday ride in his old truck will MAKE HIS DAY
-He's actually more patient than I thought (and is becoming better at waitin' on this woman)

Things John now knows about Lauren: (straight from his mouth)
-She is more sensitive than I realized (Lauren: thanks, John. way to tell the truth.)
-How much she really likes lamps. 
-That everything in our house you sit on or lay on must have pillows on it. 
-She likes to be awakened gently.
-That life is much better when you have cinnamon toast and a diet coke.
-She tries to be a really good cook like her mother and grandmother. (Lauren: not getting there very fast. but thanks.)

And I just know we could keep going. Has this year been perfect? Absolutely not. But marriage is the greatest thing we've ever done. (That came FROM JOHN! Seriously.) I guess he's decided to keep me.

Here's to year two! I wonder what we'll learn about each other this year .... 


Lindsay said...

Love your post, very cute. I wish you both a wonderful anniversary. Y'all are just perfect together. And P.S. yes you will keep on learning more and more about each other, just wait till you have kids :)

Margie Walters said...

Love it! Especially the shoes around the house. I don't mind my OWN shoes around the house, but if someone else with bigger feet in our house leaves THEIRS around the house, we must fix that immediately...