Monday, April 12, 2010


We're back from our week long anniversary hiatus! Add WaterColor to my "must visit again" list. (That list sure is getting long.)

We chose WaterColor because neither of us had vacationed on this beach before; it was only a 3 hour drive; and we wanted a place to relax. WaterColor "sits" in between Seaside and Grayton Beach. John actually found the WaterColor Inn and Resort. I gave him a great big hug and kiss when we got there! I immediately loved it. WaterColor is mostly a housing community, but we didn't need a whole house for just the two of us! This resort was perfect. Not big by any means, but had all the nice ammenities.

We didn't want a whole lot of commercialization either. WaterColor was perfect in that it felt more like home -- but at the beach. We spent hours by the "quiet pool" and on the beach. I could stay on the beach morning to afternoon straight. John can only handle so much of that. Fortunately for him, there was more to do than just lay on the beach. We rode bikes

I called this community biking. I found it hilarious that everyone bikes all over town. I loved it! Wish I had gotten a picture of the bike madness.

And we played tennis one day. They had really nice courts!

.....And we also ate some truly fabulous food.

Our anniversary night, John took advantage of a hotel offer to check out a BMW. I was thinking he would choose the convertible BMW. Oh no, he wanted to experience the best BMW had to offer ..... with this normally priced $150,000 7-series.

He explained to me how luxiourous this car was ---how it goes from 0-50mph in 5 seconds, how the backseat is just as nice if not better than the driver and passenger seats. Oh yeah, and how if you have this car, you probably have a driver. To that I say "Well, this was a once-in-a-lifetime drive." I took his pictures by the car, because he was so excited. People probably thought we were so super crazy.

We had a nice anniversary dinner at Flemmings where they put rose petals on the table.

This was a several hour meal, but it was nice. We took our time to eat, and it gave me time to quiz John on what's been his favorite parts of our first year. John's so nice and sweet to me. (Mush, mush - I know!)
This trip really rejuvenated us. We needed a break, and we needed time for just us. Just like everyone else, our schedules take too much control sometimes. Days filled with work, meetings, church events, social activities, going here and there to see this person and that fly by. And those days turn into fast months. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to travel with my hubby with cell phones turned off. 

And they moved happily ever after into the 2nd year of marriage. The end.


Lindsay said...

Looks like y'all had a wonderful time. Very good job with all the photos. I love Seaside, it is so beautiful down there. I hope y'all at least ate at Red Bar one night. Happy Anniversary!!

Lauren and John said...

Yeah - we did! That place had great food!

Keeping Up With The Joneses said...

oh my this looks glorious!!! You are so lucky!!! i will have have to show Jared the pic of the car, he will love that!! We ate at Flemings for our 5 yr anniversary this year too!! yes, it does take awhile to eat!! We got bored and then started people watching!!! haha!! Happy 1 year anniversary!!! Hope is only gets better!!!

Missy C said...

The first year does fly by. Michael couldn't believe it had been a year already for you two. Guess what, it gets even better! So glad you had a wonderful trip and a wonderful year. We love you two.

The Hagood's said...

How fun!! I told David that the four of us had to plan a return trip soon! David would also LOVE to drive that car and take his picture by it as well. Boys!! :) Love all the pictures and so glad that you two had a blast!

Laura said...

I love this! You are so good to document so well! I'm glad y'all had a wonderful first year! It get's even better :) Can't believe I'm about to celebrate 3 years!!