Monday, April 19, 2010

100 Years of Crowning

Zeta Tau Alpha -Nu Chapter is celebrating 100 years on the University of Alabama campus! That's a pretty old sorority if you ask me! That means Nu Chapter started at UA in 1910! To think about "sorority girls" back in the early 1900's sort of gives me a good laugh. Wonder what they would think now... ?

Whitney and I met up with some of our pledge sisters (and women who pledged back in the 60's!) in Tuscaloosa this past weekend. I'm only 5 years removed and at times this weekend it felt like I had been gone for 20 years and other times, like I've only been gone a few months!

Get ready to see the 'sistah's'!

Caris, me, Kristen - Pledge sisters, Christian sisters, college roomies, best friends who hope to ONE day live by each other again!

Whitney and me - my REAL sister, Christian sister, Sorority sister, and 'better-always-live-close-to-me' best friend . We look nothing alike. I know.

Outside the Zeta house. Add in Jodie now! Another pledge sister, Christian sister, college roomie, and best friend who understands what it's like to not live in Birmingham anymore!

A friend loves at all times
Proverbs 17:17


Keeping Up With The Joneses said...

I LOVE MY FRIENDS SO MUCH!!! I had such a blast laughing this weekend!! thank you for still loving me after who I was back then! eww!! I miss you more and more everyday!!! can't wait to see you again!! I love you LB!

Lauren and John said...

Weekends like those make me so miss living by you!! I had such a great time! I'm being serious - you are such an inspiration to SO MANY!!!!! Believe that, girl! :) Love you and will call you soon!

Gini said...

When did you come to the house? We were there for lunch and Emily and I were the only people from ou pledge class? Had a great time with you guys on Friday night! We should all get together again soon.

Lauren and John said...

Gini - we went Saturday morning. None of us could stay for lunch but we wanted our picture in front of that great banner!!