Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sis' Bridal Tea

I don't want to scoop Sister's post on her bridal tea, so I'll just post one picture from Sunday. She had a beautiful tea in Gardendale hosted by many wonderful and ever-so giving ladies. (I wanted to slide a few of the gifts in my car and "test" them out for her. Just kidding.)

June 12th is getting close! I cannot believe 'lil Whit-Bit is going to be a wife. Funny and scary at the same time.

Again, just kidding.


Whitney said...

No your not on both accounts

Lauren and John said...

Totally am! :)

Lindsay said...

I love your sister's dress - she looks beautiful. Aren't you jealous of all the gifts? I had a tea for my sister in law this weekend and ever since I have been scanning all kinds of new things that I want for my kitchen!

Lauren and John said...

Yes, Lindsay - it's so HARD! Everything just keeps getting better. Even after one year, there are so many cute dishes and towels ... and I could go on and on!!