Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our Old Pal, Dale

Friday night we went with our good friends Kenny and Leah to the Biscuits baseball game to see our old pal Dale Murphy!

You may recognize Dale from years past ....

He played for the Atlanta Braves --- and was apparently the only good player the Braves had at the time.

Well, Friday night he was at the Biscuits baseball game promoting his foundation and signing autographs --- and lo and behold, John and Kenny got to reconnect with a good friend.

Ok, seriously, he isn't an old pal. But Leah was the one taking these pictures up in the suite as they got to meet Dale and get autographs. She said you would have thought they knew Dale all their lives the way they were talking to him.

Especially Kenny. But Kenny meets NO strangers. Ever. I wonder what Kenny was trying to explain to him in the last picture .... wonder if it had anything to do with insurance? Smile.

Needless to say, it was a HIT for the boys. And for Leah and Kenny's soon-to-be son, Samuel, Kenny made sure to get that glove signed so Samuel can have a "lucky" glove.

We had so much fun! Love you friends! (Thanks Leah for getting them in the suite!)


Laura said...

He's Kyle's FAVORITE Brave!

John and Lauren said...

That's funny! I didn't know just "how important" this guy was until that night. The boys were all about it!

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